Outperform: 8 step interviewing to win process

You made it to the interview round! Now it’s time to outperform the competition. Let me let you in on a little secret, by implementing steps 1-3 of PIVOT, “Ponder,” “Initiate with Intensity,” and “Voice in the Market,” you have already been crushing the competition in terms of your subliminal mental preparation. It’s time to leave them in the dust.      

Outperform is a proven, 8-step process that, when woven together, will optimize your chances of going to the next round and on to an offer.    

The 8 steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Know the organization and study the people with whom you will be interviewing.

Step 2:

Know the questions they will be asking you based on the targeted resume you submitted.

Step 3:

Practice, practice, practice your STAR stories that are aligned with the role/s of the person/s with whom you will be speaking.  

Step 4:

Know the questions that YOU will be asking them based on your already created DECISION-MAKING CRITERIA MATRIX and your need to find any additional information that may not be listed in the job description. 

Step 5:

Practice asking your questions.

Step 6:

Visualize success.

Step 7:

Write down the details in your interview database and prepare to leverage that knowledge in future rounds.

Step 8:

Thank the people in a way that demonstrates that you listened to their most important needs.


Understand that success in the outperform process is dictated by both WHAT you do and HOW you do it. Many times, it’s about understanding your blind spots and the little nuances that make the big difference.     

Do you or someone you know need a winning coach to help outperform the competition in an interview process?

I offer a one-hour discovery call – no charge – to understand the situation and brainstorm winning ideas.

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