Your Voice in the Market

You’ve done the hard work to build your brand. You’ve created your job search decision criteria and have built a strategy that focuses on brand-aligned target organizations. Great, but now what?

Here’s where we step into the “V” of P.I.V.O.T and propel your Voice into the market using two key points:

  1. Right message 
  2. Right time


Sending the right message at the right time is critical to gaining the attention of influencers at each stage of the sourcing process so take your time in developing your unique voice to stand out. Speaking of standing out, we also don’t want to make the mistake of simply listing our achievements and work experience – everyone does that – we want to create a positive emotional reaction.

Amplifying your particular skills with a dose of individuality not only differentiates you from your competition, it provides context to who you are and what you bring to the table.

Don’t sell yourself short by leaving your personality out of the hiring process – stand out by communicating why you’re different. Remember, this job search is being run on your terms, so have fun with it!   

Targeted Resume + LinkedIn Profile = Your Voice in the Market 

Believe it or not, a targeted resume coupled with a highly aligned LinkedIn profile can create a net-positive emotional impact in the hiring decision. Psychologically, it primes your future employer to see your potential as a valuable addition to their organization even before they’ve made their decision. Taking time to build this dynamic inspires trust and frankly, in a world of sloppily written resumes and profiles, sets you head and shoulders above the rest.

To craft a stunning narrative, your resume and profile must have the following 4 qualities: 


The other HUGE benefit of creating a targeted resume and aligned LinkedIn profile is the mental aspect. Getting your head in the game before you ever set foot into your interview preps you for a positive interview experience, one you’ll knock out of the park when the time comes, and rest assured, it will come! 

Here’s a prime example of how proper alignment can positively change the course of a job search or pivot: 


I realized when I started, I was very rigid in what I thought I needed and that changed as I did the deep work with him.” – Heidi C.


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