5 Behavioral Steps to ‘Pivot’ Your Career

Every day I speak with clients who are making industry and role transitions. They want to make the big ‘pivot’ and face the challenge of shifting their actions. It is not an easy journey, but transition success is possible if you approach it correctly.

Below are the five critical behaviors that have worked for my clients and will work to support you in in making a successful career pivot in 2023.

P. Ponder

Take time to understand your brand/experience, how it is aligned with the market and job, and how you will overcome potential gaps in requirements and or experience.

I. Initiate

Initiate with Intensity-Once you say, “I am doing this,” you must jump in with both feet mentally and physically and push off. There is no looking back in a pivot.

V. Voice

Voice in the market -Like any effective marketing campaign, you must make sure your voice, i.e., brand message, is heard and resonates clearly with your network supporters and target organizational decision-makers.

O. Outperform

Outperform in-industry talent: The reality is that there are already people trying for jobs in the market/role you are going after. You must be smarter, faster, and more conversant/knowledgeable.

T. Trust

Trust that you will be successful. Once you have burned your ship and set out rowing for your destination, you will hit waves and cross-currents that will make you doubt yourself. Say to yourself every day upon rising. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

If you have been struggling or procrastinating, making your move, and pushing yourself towards the ‘pivot,’ these steps will help guide you in the direction you want for yourself and your career.

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