Career Transition Mapping & Execution Package

When it’s time to leave your current job and find a new opportunity, it’s essential to do so thoughtfully and strategically.

The flexible process demonstrated below will help you create the hope, confidence, and momentum you need to transition successfully.

My Career Transition Process

Project plan utilized to guide your success process. 

Brand Analysis

The foundation for your entire job transition. Discover the amazing you, how to position yourself in the market, and what you need from a job offer.

Strategic Planning

Do you surf aimlessly on LinkedIn or other job boards? Is your confidence eroded by the day?

Marketing You

Creating brand-aligned/targeted resumes/LinkedIn profiles/cover letters that make you confident and solve problems for hiring teams, causing them to say, let's get together!

Interviewing To Win

A proven front-to-back interview process/sales pitch that leads to offers.

Winning the Race

This critical phase ensures seamless communication between you and the prospective employer, adequate reference checks, negotiation strategy, and final decision-making.

Career Transition Services

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