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Meet Your Coach

Learn why Peter got into coaching and his motivation to help people WIN with either job search or on their job performance.

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Real People, Real Stories

See how Connections Career Coaching has helped clients with career migration, crossroads planning, interviewing, and job optimization.

Dedicated to the success of each individual person


Real Story: Ed Souza
Within this video, Ed talks about his experience working with Peter to lead him to make a valuable job transition.
Real Story: Trish Moshe
In this video, Trish will talk about how she and Peter worked together to help her prepare her resume prior to layoff and gain employment shortly after she got the word.
Real Story: Kelly Anne
In this video, Kelly Anne talks about her work with Peter and the value that he brought to her successful job transition.
Meet Your Coach
Learn why Peter got into coaching and his motivation to help people WIN with either job search or on their job performance.
Real Story: Eric Kriegstein
Eric has some great things to say about Peter's process and methodology. Keeping him accountable with milestones and weekly meetings was greatly appreciated, as well as focusing on what mattered most in Eric's career journey. Plus, Peter's positivity and motivation was a bonus!
Client Resume: Heidi
Heidi details how Peter's personalized resume coaching led her to land her dream job.

Our Packages

Onboarding for Success

Onboarding for Success

Congratulations! You made the transition, and you are starting your new role shortly. At first, you are excited, but then reality sets in, and you begin to think, how am I going to ensure that I make a positive impact in my job over the first 90 days?
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Job Performance

Job Performance

You want to improve your on-the-job performance and become more confident and esteemed by your colleagues, upper management, and clients.
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Career Transition

Career Transition

When it’s time to leave your current job and find a new opportunity, it’s essential to do so thoughtfully and strategically.
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