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See how Connections Career Coaching has helped clients with career migration, crossroads planning, interviewing, and job optimization.

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Client Resume - Heidi
Heidi details how Peter's personalized resume coaching led her to land her dream job.
7 Leadership Behaviors You Need To Minimize Quick Quitting
In this case study, Chandra B., VP of Operations, demonstrated 7 Leadership behaviors during a challenging acquisition that enabled her to retain her best and brightest.
Real Story: Heidi C.
Check out Heidi's story about how she and Peter worked together to find her next best role, one that would fill her “nursing cup to the brim.” Yay!
Tech Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting & Quick Quitting Final
Peter Duffy discusses issues facing tech companies and tech employees with interviewer Flo Nicolas of Get Tech Smart.
Managing your job transition in a recessive economy
In this video, I share a real client example of the mindset needed to persevere in your current leadership role while at the same time preparing to make a winning transition in 2023.
Real Story: Megan
Learn how Megan transformed her leadership potential in six short months.

Our Packages

Onboarding for Success

Onboarding for Success

Congratulations! You made the transition, and you are starting your new role shortly. At first, you are excited, but then reality sets in, and you begin to think, how am I going to ensure that I make a positive impact in my job over the first 90 days?
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Job Performance

Job Performance

You want to improve your on-the-job performance and become more confident and esteemed by your colleagues, upper management, and clients.
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Career Transition

Career Transition

You have gone as far as you can go with your existing company, for one reason or another.
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