5 reasons to TRUST that your 2024 Pivot will be successful

Congratulations, you have made it through the first four steps of your PIVOT. You took the time to PONDER what you need and why, INITIATED your strategy with INTENSITY, let your VOICE be heard in the MARKET, and OUTPERFOMED the competition in the interview process; now it’s time to talk about the letter T for TRUST. 

Did you know that even though the letter T comes last in the word PIVOT, it is foundational to every step you have taken and will take? That’s right. Why is that important? Because you may go to the final round of an interview process and decide not to take the offer or not be selected by the hiring team for the job. And you worked so hard! 

Well, here are 5 reasons to trust that your PIVOT will be successful. 

  1. Where you are going is TRULY aligned with your why. 
  2. You take the RESPONSIBILITY to rise to your level of capability every day. 
  3. You and your coach are UNITED in the plan.    
  4. A SUPERIOR power is watching over you.  
  5. You are TENACIOUS in your quest to achieve your goal.

Here’s a prime example of how Eric executed all aspects of PIVOT to attain his goal of becoming the CEO of a novel medical device start-up:

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