Initiating with Intensity: 3 Keys to Success

Congratulations, you have completed the first behavior step of your PIVOT, Pondering. 

Like any explorer on their journey, it’s often mental hurdles that can get in the way of a successful  expedition. Fortunately, we have the innate capacity to move professional mountains with a little grit and determination.

Speaking of mountains, Dr. Seuss famously said in his book, Oh, The Places You’ll Go, “Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So, get on your way!” And to think it all started with a little pondering!

Now that you’ve effectively reached your first basecamp, it’s time to progress to the second behavioral step, Initiating with Intensity! 

Success with this step will require 3 golden keys: positioning, a momentum-building process, and focused effort. 


Imagining yourself in the right industry and organization is vital to your PIVOT success. It’s the same tactic world-class athletes and trailblazers envision prior to conquering their Everest and it’ll be no different for you! Take a few minutes to thoughtfully answer the four questions below:  

  • What are my target industries? Why?  
  • What companies in those industries interest or inspire me?  
  • Have I researched these organizations to look for alignment with my brand? 
  • Have I scored them based on my decision criteria? 


Momentum Building Process

This is the proverbial pack you’ll set for your trek. Like any map, you should have a success-driven database process with a simple workflow that moves and grooves with you. Streamline and optimize your day-to-day activities for better efficiency so you can showcase your achievements. A few tools of the trade might include:       

  • A simple, flexible CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to support your day-to-day activities
  • Lead Generation (LinkedIn or email marketing, for example)
  • Professional networking opportunities (LinkedIn or local events)
  • Interviewing (included in the Career Transition Package)


Focused Effort

Multitasking has its benefits but not if they’re interfering with your ability to get down to business. Setting aside time and a dedicated space to focus keeps you moving towards your summit. Like any effective conditioning program, you’ve got to take your training seriously. Ask yourself:

  • Do I commit daily to working on the right things to drive my success? 
  • What are my distractions, if any?
  • What are the cons to keeping things the way they are? Are there any pros?

As you can see, how you prepare for your journey matters. The tools you use to prepare not only make the journey more productive, they make it more enjoyable.

To share another admirable phrase from Dr. Seuss, “With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.” Initiating with Intensity takes advantage of your natural and instinctive smartness and leads you down the right path, despite what life may throw at you! Next week we’ll we’ll discuss the importance of Voice in the Market and how this will differentiate you from the rest of the pack. Stay tuned!

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