What Coaches Learn From Dedicated Clients

As a career transformation coach, I have the opportunity, every day, to work with absolutely outstanding clients.

My clients’ experiences are unique to their journey; gaining employment after being out of work for over a year, evolving in their current role, getting promoted, successfully pivoting to another industry, and figuring out what makes themselves unique and special in the world. So much differentiation between each individual, yet they all share a familiar storyline. 

They consistently live out core principles that drive success.  

For the sake of example, one client that comes to my mind is named Mo. He is a Client Success Leader who has a strong track record for helping global start-ups build and scale high-quality CS programs.

Since late February, Mo and I have been working together. He has made it to the final round with four companies during our time, each going in a different direction. Mo prepares exceptionally well; his well-crafted story-telling is superb; he asks intelligent questions, and his follow-up is impeccable. Yet, he is in a phase where he hasn’t received the final “you’re hired” from employers.

This phase in the career coaching process can be disheartening, even for me as his coach; I want to hear the news that my clients were hired (ideally with the first position they are passionate about!).

Regardless of the setback, Mo does no give up.

As his coach, I’ve observed Mo’s mindset throughout the process.

I learn from my experiences. I believe that the job that I am supposed to have will come along shortly, and that company that hires me will be lucky they found me. Time to cultivate more opportunities aligned with my brand!

Mo continues to move forward diligently, and I had to highlight his journey because he reinforces the time-tested principles of humility, faith, hope, optimism, and perseverance.

As his coach, I see a bright future and know that the next step in his career is soon approaching. 

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