Job searching is not easy. If you are aimlessly applying to positions, nothing is working out, and you find yourself getting emotionally down, it may be time to take a break. This “recess” will allow you to clear your mind and come back re-energized and thinking differently.   

Try these five exercises to get a breakthrough and take notice that there is no movie binging or eating gallons of ice cream before bedtime.    


  • Get active

Go for a run, walk, hike, bike ride, or participate in an online workout class. This will make an immediate difference in your mindset.  

  • Write down your frustrations

You may be encountering a mental roadblock, which can keep you from participating in your job search as the best version of yourself. Write down what is frustrating you and clear your mind of the thoughts that are holding you back. This practice can provide clarity and help you to take the next step with confidence.

  • Have someone you trust describe who you are

Have a close friend or family member describe who they think you are in terms of your unique gifts, talents, experiences, and how you add value to the world. Reflect on what those who know you best have to say about you. These perspectives may provide the insight you have had a hard time seeing in yourself, and you can incorporate them into your network or job submission communication.  

  • Connect with your passions

Sometimes the reason our search seems ineffective is because our communication is misaligned with who we are at our core. Reconnecting with our purpose and who we are, is critical for us to understand and communicate. It gives us energy and confidence in how we project ourselves across all mediums.

  • Believe

Read and meditate on “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol.


Peter Duffy is the owner of Connections Career Coaching, a strategic coaching practice whose mission is to help people connect with their real selves and to meaningful work.      

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