Hi Peter:

This job has been the perfect fit for me. I am blessed to be doing incredibly meaningful work, which makes up for moving away from family and friends. This job allows me to think critically and analytically when testing and scoring patient assessments, but it also allows me to connect with patients in a deep and meaningful way since I am with them for hours at a time. This position has helped confirm the path I want to take and continue to graduate school to pursue my Ph.D. Duluth, MN, is also a great city I am glad to call my home. When I am not in the clinic, I’m either hiking, biking, or fishing somewhere close by. The fishing here is amazing. See the first fish I caught in Duluth.

This transition would not have been possible without working with you, and I will always be thankful for your help and guidance. You gave me the push I needed to jump into this amazing opportunity. I am proud and happy with the work that I am doing, and because of that, I feel successful. I am using my natural talents to help others and make a lasting impact on people’s lives; to me, this is a well-lived life.

Thank you so much for all your help,


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