“I knew the time for a career transition was coming when my FinTech organization was reorganizing. I wanted to get ahead of things and take the opportunity to explore other industries. I needed to celebrate all the engineering and leadership opportunities I had been afforded at my current workplace and create a strategic plan with a narrative to make me a strong candidate for senior roles. I knew I needed expert assistance to guide this transition, so I searched LinkedIn for someone who could help me bolster my resume. After interviewing resume writers, I decided to go with Peter, and I am very glad I did!”


After an introductory conversation, Peter and Jordan set clear project outcomes: For Jordan to build a brand and market strategy/execution and targeted/ aligned job submission documents that would provide him with confidence and momentum leading to a valuable offer.      


Coach Peter and Jordan created an action plan that would:

  • Put Jordan in touch with his awesome brand.
  • Develop rigorous offer decision-making criteria.    
  • Create/execute a rigorous strategic market plan.
  • Build a targeted resume that highlights the STAR stories that will give Jordan confidence and gain the attention of the right hiring companies/teams.
  • Provide a project plan based on consistent communication feedback loops, ensuring celebrating every achieved milestone.


When I researched Peter, I was very interested in speaking with him as I was impressed with his custom response and the credibility of his website as it demonstrated how he had helped many folks in similar circumstances. After our introductory call, I knew I had made the right decision and that I was getting so much more than resume support; I was getting in touch with my brand power, building brand-aligned messaging with my resume/cover letters/and LinkedIn profile, as well as a target market strategy and job offer decision-making criteria. In short, Peter’s inspiration, motivation, and rigorous process gave me the confidence and ability to rapidly achieve my career transition into an incredible BioTech role.”

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Elliot H.

Product Delivery Manager | Digital Transformation