Preparing your mind for the interview

You have clarity on your brand and why you are there, information on who you are meeting with, and the organization, reviewed your job submission documents, prepared and practiced your aligned STAR stories, and prepared to ask your questions! Nice job. These are the physical steps you should take to prepare your mind for success. Remember this; people hire people they like and can do the job. Interviewing is about building connection-quickly so that communication flows with ease. The mental preparation steps below take you to the winners’ circle.

Mental Preparation Steps. Close your eyes and see yourself:  

  1. As meeting your good friends over a beer or cup of coffee.


  2. As a person there to help them solve a problem.
  3. Readily engaging the greeter in comfortable small talk.


  4. Walking into the room or sitting on the Zoom call very calm, smile on my face, and have excellent and caring eye contact. 

  5. Answering their questions, and telling my stories with ease.  Readily admitting if I do not have experience with a certain thing they ask, but serve up another authentic experience that you think might convey equal success.


  6. Relaxed and smiling at the end of the interview. We connected in this conversation. They want me to come back.


  7. Getting up from my chair or walking out, proud of myself, and saying, I did the best that I could. 

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