In January 2020, I was a highly effective and respected Nurse Educator working at the Lash Group, a part of AmerisourceBergen. It was my dream job, virtually teaching nurses across the country about empathy, oncology care, patient experience, and disease states.

Also in January of 2020, we adopted our son Petey when he was 11 days old. We had waited to become a family, and the time had arrived! Becoming a family changes everything, but our lives changed in ways we had never anticipated. During his first few months of life, I noticed Petey’s muscle movements were…different, but his doctors couldn’t quite figure it out. It took a year of finding the right team of specialists to determine that Petey has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and will require long-term supportive skilled nursing care.

All of this was unfolding during the COVID-19 pandemic; one of his first surgeries was just a few days before the US went on lockdown. It was seemingly impossible to get case management or any formal support during that first year of life. I quickly realized that to keep Petey’s care aligned with his needs, I needed to be navigating the healthcare system and fighting for his care full time (and believe me, every aspect of his care has been a fight). I left my 22-year nursing career behind and became not only Petey’s mom but his full-time nurse and care coordinator.

As Petey will be turning three in a few months, he will be eligible for more services through insurance and the specialized preschool program he will be able to attend. After roughly 8 surgeries, 250+ in-person appointments, countless physical, occupational, and speech therapies, a few hospital stays, and LOTS of cuddles…Petey has the services he needs in place and our days are much brighter! I now have snippets of time to care for myself, and transition back into PAID nursing work. But I didn’t know where to start…I was looking for a part-time remote and asynchronous role that fits with my vast intellectual capacity and oncology nursing expertise. But where to start? Does a role like that even exist? That is when I got connected with Coach Peter.


After an introductory conversation, Coach Peter and Lisa set clear project outcomes: For Lisa to build a branded resume that would:

  • Provide Lisa with a crystal-clear understanding of her career value proposition.
  • Position Lisa to focus on healthcare industries aligned with her brand and decision-making criteria.
  • Translate Lisa’s career successes into focused, high-impact stories that resonated with targeted employers who want to need highly intelligent part-time employees.
  • Put Lisa in touch with Peter’s network so that she can start to get her head back in the game and remind her about how amazing she is.


Coach Peter and Luke created an action plan that would:

  • Clearly define Lisa’s unique brand statement and decision-making criteria.
  • Build a targeted resume to take advantage of all job opportunities.
  • Put Lisa in touch with Jane M. RN to talk about aligned business opportunities.
  • Provide a project plan based on consistent communication feedback loops, ensuring celebrating every achieved milestone along the way.
  • Empower Lisa to make a great decision


I had reached out to Peter, and I let him know about our family situation and how I needed guidance transitioning back to a formal working environment. So much had changed since I last had to look for a job. I had a job in mind that I thought was a good fit, but there were over 300 applicants! Peter and I scheduled a few sessions over a few weeks.

Peter worked with me to best translate my value and experience through a streamlined resume, we crafted a brand statement (a first for me) and came up with a plan on how to look for the right fit for my talents and my new lifestyle as a mom, caregiver, and nurse.

He also connected me with some great nurse entrepreneurs in his network for added support, and to explore other potential opportunities. Having been isolated to protect our son going on three years now has been challenging; Peter recognized that and helped me add to my support network.

With Peter’s encouragement, I applied for that job (with the 300+ applicants). In 6 business hours, I had a response from the company. I interviewed within a week and I finally got the offer letter!! I start September 26. 

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