Lauren was recently laid off from her job. She felt anxious and overwhelmed when starting to look for a new job. Her resume was solid, but she was not confident about her interviewing skills, so she turned to LinkedIn Pro Finder and found Peter.


After an introductory conversation, Coach Peter and Lauren set a clear goal: for Lauren to showcase confidence in her ability to answer any question asked of her and to be prepared to ask insightful questions to the interviewing team.


Coach Peter and Lauren created an action plan that would:

  • Take advantage of Lauren’s natural strengths of analytical power, rapport building, care for humanity, intelligence, and deep experience as a Clinical Research Associate.
  • Create behavioral and situational stories for every job duty and requirement included in the job description.
  • Provide for consistent communication feedback loops during the active interview process so the engagements were learned and improvements were made.

Lauren immediately felt at ease and extremely comfortable working with Peter. Coach Peter set up a consistent communication process and showed Lauren how to analyze a job description, developing aligned behaviors based stories through the STAR methodology process.

When it was time to coach Lauren to speak about each story with naturalness, authenticity, and confidence, Coach Peter got on the phone and ran a mock interview so they could evaluate and fine tune her responses. They also practiced visual success techniques and reading positive mantras.

Lauren said, “I loved Peter’s calm, supportive manner; he knew exactly how to help me feel relaxed and confident that I could succeed in the interview and go on to the next round. After each interview, we talked about how it went, what I learned, and he reinforced the good things that I did and strategized for the next call! Finally, Peter helped me to communicate back in the right manner with every person I engaged with in the interview process. When I received a job offer, Peter and I discussed it at great length to see how it fit with my life and professional needs and as well, how to proceed with the offer in light of the other active job opportunities I had going on.”


“In the end, with Peter’s coaching, I accepted a job that is aligned with me, and in a relatively quick period of time which exceeded my expectations. I would recommend anyone who feels overwhelmed and anxious by the whole job interview process to work with Peter. I also think that even if you want to brush up on interviewing as well, Peter would be an excellent choice.”

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