Kenny B


After a lengthy and demoralizing job hunt, I took a position out of “necessity” when a previous business venture hadn’t worked out. It was clear to me quickly that my choice was not the best for me or my family. I had gotten to a point in my career where I was dissatisfied and somewhat lost. I knew there was a better path for me to take to gain satisfying and profitable work, but I felt mentally blocked in how to find that out, and if I found a role that seemed right to me, how would I know that I was making a good decision before accepting it. I knew I could not figure this out myself. Thankfully, a close friend of mine had previously worked with Peter and had an incredible experience, and they recommended that I touch base with him to see if he could help me as well. I reached out to Peter, and after our discovery call, I decided he was the right coach for me.


Peter and Kenny set clear project outcomes: For Kenny to get in touch and document his unique brand and to identify critical decision-making criteria that would support him in making brand-aligned decisions on what roles/markets to focus his search and what offers to accept. 


Coach Peter and Kenny created the below action plan:

  • Take Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Engage in Myers Briggs Profiler XLS to understand domain polarities
  • Complete Brand Analysis Discernment Questions
  • Read Do What You Are by Tieger and Barron and document findings
  • Build Kenny’s Brand Statement
  • Complete the decision-making criteria worksheet
  • Track weekly progress via project plan and calls


After my first conversation with Peter, it became clear that he was the coach that I needed to help tell my story. We put together a plan and got right to work. Starting off, I had internal thoughts and feelings, and Peter helped me bring them to the surface through his thoughtful coaching and profound questions. After just a few weeks, I reached a new level of confidence in myself and a deeper understanding of my brand and how to market myself to companies. On top of my newfound confidence, Peter also helped me put together a decision-making framework to utilize in my next job search to ensure that any decision I make will genuinely align with me and my “brand.” I am eager to take the tools and skills that Peter has equipped me with into my new job hunt, knowing that I will not be settling for anything less than I deserve.

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