Kelly had been with her company as a project manager for 20 years, and as often happens, along with a change in leadership, came a change in direction and culture.

“It didn’t feel like I was valued, and it didn’t feel like I was supported,” says Kelly. “My direct leadership supported me, but anything above that, I just didn’t feel like they recognized the potential and the value that I had for the company.”

Kelly had made moves and changes during her career with the company but had never left.  Once she decided to start the external job search, what she encountered was daunting.

She shares, “When I started my search, there’s nothing, and then there’s something, and then there’s too much/broad market response. And that was what was happening. I refreshed my resume. I had taken a stab at doing it myself, took a course to try and update my resume, and still didn’t feel like I had what I needed because what I was getting back didn’t match what I was doing, didn’t match what I was looking for, and that was when I sought help.”

She put a call out on LinkedIn in search of support, and when she spoke with Peter (the second or third person she’d considered), she said, “We clicked right away.” His strategic positioning and project-based job search approach were so much different than I had encountered with the other coaches.


Peter and Kelly set out on a journey to find Kelly the perfect role for her.  To leave a stable 20-year job, Kelly needed to find a role that was just the right fit for her brand and career goals. It had to be a position and company that honored her values, empowering her to lead her team with autonomy, as well as a place that recognized Kelly’s skills and expertise both monetarily and emotionally.


  • Internalize the importance of running a “worthy” job search mindset – Don’t settle – Ever.
  • Discern, discuss, and document Kelly’s brand and optimal job decision-making criteria.
  • Look hard at her salary and be honest about whether it reflects her true value.
  • Provide Kelly with the project-based process, tools, and consistent communication needed to create constant momentum supporting her targeted job search.
  • Build a high-impact “star story” resume/LinkedIn profile aligned with her perfect job/s.
  • Set Kelly up for optimal success in an often-rigorous interview process.
  • Make a great “job offer” decision.


“Peter’s plan looked at me as a person, looked at my career goals, looked at where I had been, and what the optimal role would be for me. He developed an entire project plan, which to a project manager like me, was just what I needed. I needed structure, steps to check off, and targets to meet to focus my search. We both knew that there was no way he would let me settle for second best. He made sure that I did right by myself, and I couldn't be more thankful to him for having done that. Even before I had a job, I knew the value of his service. I knew I had gotten so much more than what I wanted and what I put in. I feel valued and fabulous! In a heartbeat…go to Peter.  It's going to pay tenfold.”

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Elliot H.

Product Delivery Manager | Digital Transformation