Kara was recently laid off from her job. She felt anxious and overwhelmed at starting to look for a new position. She knew her skills and experience were valuable but felt that was not coming across in her resume. That is when Kara turned to LinkedIn Pro Finder and found Peter.


After an introductory conversation, Coach Peter and Kara set a clear goal: For Kara to be proud of her unique brand leading to confidence in what job opportunities she was a solid fit for and to demonstrate her awesome experiences clearly throughout her resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.


Coach Peter and Kara created an action plan that would:

  • Take advantage of Kara’s natural strengths of intuition, seeing the big picture and goal-oriented nature to determine what type of positions would be a good fit for Kara to pivot to.
  • Create authentic, behavior-based stories for every job duty and requirement included in the job description.
  • Provide for project plan based, consistent communication feedback loops during the resume revamp. Ensuring to celebrate every achieved milestone along the way.
  • Create an aligned brand story across her LI profile

Kara immediately felt drawn to Peter and excited to work with him. His energy and enthusiasm mirrored her own outlook and made the process enjoyable and rewarding. He set up a consistent communication process and showed Kara how to analyze a job description. Peter also helped Kara develop aligned behavioral based stories through the STAR methodology process.


When all was said and done, Kara was crystal clear on the jobs that she should search out and apply to, and now had a powerful targeted resume template and LI profile that would support her in telling her story and why she should be invited in to interview. Kara started her new job as EA to the CEO of Formlabs on November 16, 2020!

Final Statement

“I truly looked forward to each assignment with Peter. His upbeat attitude and ability to see the STARs in me, ever before I did, made the whole process fun and exciting. I felt like the energy, time and results I received from Peter was far and above the cost of his services.”

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