“My career has always been very important to me, and I found myself in a place very bogged down by recent experiences and unsure if I even wanted to continue on my current path. As a brand new mother coming off maternity leave, it was now more important than ever to enjoy my work (as it was time away from my son!) and continue to support our newest family member financially. During my maternity leave, I spent a lot of time on my own trying to figure out my direction and next steps and felt like I was going in circles,” That is when I found Coach Peter.”


After an introductory conversation, Coach Peter and Julie set clear project outcomes: For Julie to understand/communicate her unique brand, prepare for and execute her interviews with precision, leading to attaining a job that met her needs.


Coach Peter and Julie created an action plan that would:

  • Clearly define Julie’s unique brand statement and her ideal work setting. This included updating her brand on LinkedIn.
  • Build on and create authentic, behavior-based stories for every job opportunity.
  • Build a technology and communications model to track and discuss all job opportunities and prepare for/follow up on all interviews.
  • Provide a project plan based with consistent communication feedback loops, ensuring to celebrate every achieved milestone along the way.


“I initially came to Coach Peter only to help figure out my next step and a new direction. He was super positive and encouraging throughout the process and was a fantastic coach to help me find within myself what was important and where to focus. Towards the end of my self-discovery/brand process, I started getting some very quality interviews. I extended my work with Coach Peter to help with the interview process – and within three months (in a tough job market), I got an amazing offer that met my qualifications and was even a promotion! I realized throughout this process that I already had everything I needed to move forward in my career. Still, I just needed help organizing, sorting and prioritizing and frankly gaining back my confidence – and Coach Peter did an amazing job of helping me work through the process and accomplish my goals.”

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Elliot H.

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