Jane graduated with a BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Maine. At the same time, she worked part-time at restaurants. As time went on, Jane became more anxious about her future. Specifically, she wanted to leverage her degree in a way that would provide her with a modest income, self-sufficiency, and meaning. After trying to research on her own and speaking with friends to get their point of view, Jane realized that she needed a little extra help and guidance. She reached out to Pete at Connections Career Coaching (CCC) to see how he could help her to find her path to success.


After an introductory conversation, Coach Pete and Jane set a clear objective: to understand Jane’s unique brand and how and where she should focus herself to gain valuable and meaningful work that contributes to her higher mission.


Coach Pete and Jane embarked on the below action plan.

  • Brand Statement Analysis: We kicked things off with a 1:1 “tuning into you” conversation followed by the completion of a private discernment questionnaire and Myers Briggs personality profiler. Next came an in-depth discussion surrounding her answers in which Coach Pete listened for consistently expressed keywords, motivations, and attitudes. Following that was an analysis of the profiler and how/why that aligned with her answer analysis. Lastly, we took a journey to find people like Jane to help reinforce what makes her special. This journey took the form of reading from the book, Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type. Jane now understands the reasons behind her tendencies, values, meanings. It all makes sense! She is proud to be herself!
  • Strategic Planning: Taking what Jane learned, we dove into how/where she should focus herself in the world of work. A few questions that Jane was struggling with: 1) do I need to go back to get my graduate degree to accomplish my mission or can I go about it in another way? If so, do I need to do it now or can it wait? and 2) should I go to work in the family bakery business? Working with Coach Pete, Jane worked the hidden market by scheduling informational interview sessions with reputable professionals working in her field of study to get their feedback. This strategy really opened Jane’s eyes to exciting possibilities that she had never considered. This process also helped Jane consider that becoming more involved in her family’s business may be a valuable option. Lastly, Jane monitored the visible target market in Maine.


“With your help, I got my first professional job as a nutrition assistant in a hospital in Portland, Maine, and most recently have been promoted to Psychiatry Technician role where I will be working directly with patients. I’m really excited! I am evolving in my career and building those community connections in a place I’ve always wanted to live. Thank you!”

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