“After two years as a PACU nurse manager at a university-based hospital system in MA, I was faced with the need to relocate back to Connecticut, within a three-month timeframe, for family reasons. I said to myself, I need to get my resume in shape to start applying as soon as possible. Knowing that I could not do this independently, I went to LI Profinder to look for a resume writer and found Coach Peter. Even though comparatively speaking, he was more expensive than the others I looked at, I hired him because the transition solution he offered would be vital for me to make my goal happen!”


After an introductory conversation, Coach Peter and Gail set clear project outcomes: For Gail to build a brand and Connecticut market strategy/execution that would result in her attaining an excellent job within the necessary timeframe. Watch action step 3 below as two weeks into the program, Peter and Gail needed to take a sidestep coaching journey to work through a current job situation.


Coach Peter and Gail created an action plan that would:

  • Create a strategic plan in CRM.
  • Clearly define Gail’s unique brand statement.
  • Coach through a job conflict situation.
  • Execute the target market plan.
  • Build a branded resume to take advantage of two job opportunities.
  • Prepare for and execute all interviews.
  • Work through the job offer, decide, and communicate acceptance.
  • Provide a project plan based on consistent communication feedback loops, ensuring celebrating every achieved milestone along the way.


“The position I currently hold is my first leadership position, and I was uncertain how to put myself out there as a now experienced leader. I knew my approach had to be more strategic and specific to my new goals. I did not know where to begin, and with a full work schedule and currently obtaining a Master’s degree, I was overwhelmed at the thought of making this transition to a new job in a new state happen.

Peter taught and coached me every step of the way, from developing my branding statement, building a targeted resume, interviewing, negotiating the job offer, and making the decision. Early on in the process, a leadership issue came up that needed to be resolved. Peter provided me with leadership coaching to help me learn how to be a more effective leader in my current position and future roles.

I was fortunate to have a job opportunity come up early in our strategic planning process, and we quickly adjusted our plan to focus on winning an offer.

I am happy to say that I accepted an offer that is a great fit for me personally and professionally, all within 75 days of starting my work with Peter.

Peter’s services are worth every penny, and I highly recommend him for any coaching you may need. I have him on speed dial for future services!”

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