“In 2018, I graduated from the University of London with an MA in Anthropology. From there, I went to work for a fresh produce company in the Providence, RI area. I worked very hard to excel in my jobs and help the organization improve its ways of doing things. After three years on the job, I started to feel unappreciated for the work I had done. I did not feel aligned with the executive leadership team and got very little professional development coaching from my boss. That is when I started to say to myself, what’s next for me. Another job? Back to School? So, I went on LinkedIn Profinder and found Coach Peter.”


After an introductory conversation, Coach Peter and Emily set a clear goal and strategy: For Emily to decide what and where her next job should be. This goal would be accomplished through the implementation of a strategic plan. You will note in the actions below that during the process; we uncovered the need to understand Emily’s authentic brand to more deeply inform what verticals/jobs we were targeting and why! The backdrop of all of this would be a current job optimization plan.


Coach Peter and Emily created an action plan that would:

1. Build a job search strategy focusing on target verticals, network development, lead generation, outbound messaging, and informational interviews.

2. Create a brand statement that showcases Emily’s awesomeness, powerful experiences, passion, and values that she holders dear.

3. Build/Execute a current job optimization 30-60-90 Day plan of action:

  • Consider how/where Emily can take ownership of her job situation.
  • Hold meeting with her boss to gain alignment on reducing # of meetings.
  • Learn how to win friends and influence people through effective communication.
  • Take advantage of all opportunities that come her way.
  • Work the job search strategy.

4. Provide project plan-based, consistent communication feedback loops. Ensuring to celebrate every achieved milestone along the way.


“When I started my search for another job, I felt drained by my role and frustrated by communication and structural issues at my company. I didn’t get satisfaction from my day-to-day work and was given a vision of staying in that role for years by superiors when we discussed it. As a result of working with Coach Peter, I feel more confident in my current role and career trajectory. I have defined my values, and both identified what had been frustrating me about my role and what I could do to gain greater satisfaction from my work. Peter developed my skills to deal with challenging situations and optimize their outcomes for my growth. I will have my annual review in the next few months, and my boss has let me know that we will be discussing a promotion to a new role! The role was the one I had been seeking out at other companies and jobs, and through my internal 90-day plan that Coach Peter and I set up, I was able to show my boss and company the need for this role and my ability to fill it.”

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