Connections Career Coaching Brand Evolution

In 2019, when thinking about what name to give my company; I knew I needed the word Connections to be the cornerstone of my brand because I understood and witnessed firsthand the dynamic impact that connecting with my real self and genuinely amazing people had and continues to have on my career. Thus, I knew that it was a gift that I needed to give to others so that they could win what they needed.

Once I chose my company name, the next step was to select by my primary brand color. I knew at once what that needed to be, sea blue/green. Why? Because that is the place where I connect with my real self. 

Thus, Connection Career Coaching was launched as a strategic coaching practice dedicated to helping people running a job search connect to their real selves and meaningful work.

Over the last three years, my client’s needs have evolved beyond job migration. Now, I coach many clients from young professionals to executives to build and execute winning job migration, job optimization, and/or effective onboarding strategies. Over this period, I have realized in speaking with prospective clients that it has never been more vital for people to connect or re-connect with their real selves and to have the courage to deepen existing and/or forge new long-term relationships within their networks.   

At Connections Career Coaching we are more committed than ever to opening the eyes of our clients to their real selves, driving relation-building connections, promoting integrity-based leadership, and building rigorous strategies that propel our clients to win what they need.  

Welcome to Connections Career Coaching’s new brand! 

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