“Two years ago, I was promoted from a Marketing Specialist to Associate Product Manager with my company. I had done very well in my prior position and felt confident that I could excel in my new role. As I transitioned into the job, it did not take very long to realize that I had my work cut out for me. Specifically, the job was very different; I had little guidance/coaching from my boss. I had to overcome the negative impressions left by the former PM on the global team. I had to prove myself to my team who I needed to be successful. Then the isolation brought on by COVID hit. The walls started closing in on me, and I wanted out. That is when I found Coach Peter.”


After an introductory conversation, Coach Peter and Bekka set a clear goal and strategy: for Bekka to gain her confidence and hope back so that she could make an objective decision about her future.

Their strategy was to re-introduce Bekka to her unique brand, which makes her truly amazing—then positioning her talents to have an effective difficult conversation with her boss concerning her needs. Next, to learn/execute the skill of effective virtual meeting management.


Coach Peter and Bekka created an action plan that would:

1. Enable Bekka to decompress through talk and focusing on important things besides work.

2. Create a brand statement that showcases Bekka’s awesomeness, powerful experiences, passion, and values that she holders dear.

3. Build a 30-60-90 Day Plan of action:

  • Consider how/where Bekka can live gratitude through volunteering in her local community.
  • Hold an effective meeting with her boss.
  • Prioritize and start holding effective global virtual team meetings.
  • Begin networking inside/outside the company.
  • Build a job search strategy.

4. Provide for project plan-based, consistent communication feedback loops. Ensuring to celebrate every achieved milestone along the way.


“When I met Peter, I was ready to quit my job with no plan in place on obtaining a new one. I was angry and frustrated 90% of the time, and it often carried into my personal life. I felt as though I had no control. Working with Peter helped me gain perspective and build the confidence that I needed to have tough discussions with my boss about the support I required to be successful. Today I have a development plan in place with my boss and a better separation between my work and personal life. Having a plan for me is very important as it provides me with a process in which I can work to control an outcome. I look forward to continuing my work with Peter to fine-tune my networking skills and job search strategy for future opportunities.”

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Elliot H.

Product Delivery Manager | Digital Transformation