I worked in the clinical research field for 9+ years, most recently leading scientific exchange/collaborations with oncology disease experts surrounding research initiatives supporting 470+ new trials/amendment submissions, reviews/approvals per year. I was proud of the work I was doing as I was focused on my mission to help patients with cancer. As a clinical pharmacist and biologist, I wanted to do more, to be at the front end of creating highly effective oncology therapies – to be a clinical scientist. That meant transitioning from my role at a major oncology study site to the pharmaceutical industry. I knew this transition would be difficult, and I did not have the know-how to make it a reality. I thought a career coach could help me figure it out. That is when I found Peter!


After an introductory conversation, Peter and I set clear project outcomes: to build a brand and market strategy/execution and targeted/ aligned job submission documents that would give me confidence and momentum, resulting in completing the transition I needed and doing it in less than 90 days. It took a little longer than 90 days, but it was worth it. Read on!


  • Built my incredible brand statement
  • Created a rigorous target market plan
  • Built a targeted resume that would bring out the STAR stories that would give me confidence/gain the attention of the right hiring teams
  • Prepared me for and executed all my interviews
  • Reviewed my job offer, ensuring that I negotiated a win-win agreement with a lucky employer, and helped me make an excellent decision
  • Provided me with a project plan based on consistent communication feedback loops, ensuring celebrating every achieved milestone and creating a sense of momentum


“I knew leaving the role I had worked at for many years and moving into industry would be a challenge because I was unfamiliar with the private sector market and had only changed jobs a few times. After meeting with Peter, I was impressed by how he understood my needs immediately, and I decided to give his coaching a try. I am thankful that I did! Peter knew I was a bit naïve about the job market, and he was very patient. His brand and decision-making work helped me see my expertise, take pride in my values and what makes me unique and special and helped me document what I needed out of my next job. This gave me confidence. From there, he guided me through a strategic industry segmentation process that opened my eyes to where my brand, professional experiences, and critical needs would play best. Peter had several tricks to make me shine. He taught me how to connect with key people who referred me and gave me feedback. He was persistent, drove me to meet my deadlines, and believed in me. He was also highly reliable. I had emergency calls with him during some time-constrained situations, and he was right there for me. Now that he has helped me achieve my goal, I am much better prepared and confident in my abilities. Recently, I read an article titled ‘The Domino Effect: Strategies for career development through continuous improvement and small daily changes.’ Instead of the ‘domino effect,’ I like to call it ‘The Peter Effect,’ where you get five steps, broken down in writing, that are explained and molded to your way of thinking. For all that and more, you will discover that Peter’s services are worth it! I would work with Peter all over again!”

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Elliot H.

Product Delivery Manager | Digital Transformation