Connecting Your High Schooler To Their Future

I’m Peter—your go-to career coach for high schoolers. I work alongside your teen to help them discover the seeds of their greatness, then empower them to fully develop the passions and skills we uncover. This process allows them to flourish personally and academically, building a firm foundation for their future. My goal is to help your teen pave the way to a successful life post-high school and open doors to careers where they won’t just succeed; they will thrive.

Unleashing Potential: Navigating Challenges for High Schoolers' Bright Futures

As a parent of six children, believe me… I get it. It’s hard. 

It’s hard to engage with and understand your teenagers, and that makes it especially challenging to help them find direction after high school. And, of course, there are environmental factors like technology, social media, peer pressure, and more that can hurt self-confidence and overall achievement.

As a parent, do you feel that:

  • It’s difficult to decipher your high schooler’s evolving needs, interests, and aspirations?
  • You struggle to guide your teen towards suitable career paths and successful transitions after high school?
  • Your teen lacks guidance in cultivating essential qualities like courage, self-discipline, sacrifice, and perseverance?
  • Your school guidance counselors lack the time and resources to provide personalized career guidance to each student?

I’m here to help. Through my specialized career coaching process, I go beyond traditional solutions to help you and your teen meet these challenges head-on.

Launch Your High Schooler's Journey to Success

It’s time for your teen to embark on a transformative—and rewarding–journey. Over the next 2 years, I will work closely with your high schooler using my unique, proven methods of self and career discovery. Through storytelling, personality assessments, and in-depth discussions, we’ll work together to uncover themes and patterns that help reveal their unique motivations, talents, and personality traits. These discoveries will allow us to craft a strategy that maximizes their potential for their remaining time in high school and truly paves the way to a fulfilling career and future.

Building Blocks to Success

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Hello, I'm Peter

As your coach, I’m not here to help you get a job but rather to be a partner and guide on your career journey.

Before guiding my clients to career success, I spent 20+ years working in the healthcare delivery, pharma, and insurer industries with demonstrated expertise in business development, marketing, and media. I also served as an officer in the US Army Infantry. Because of this robust life experience, I have obtained deep insights into human motivation, performance, and bring the tenacity, creativity, vision, and strategic thinking needed by NURSING, PHARMA, and MARKETING leaders to help them to improve their job performance, gain a promotion or transition to a new place of work.

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I offer a 1 hour consult at no charge so you can get to know Peter.

Passion is what drives us

I require highly motivated career driven professionals to transform themselves & achieve the positions they are meant for.